Scrappy & Patchwork Half Rectangle Triangles

Recently I was going through a scrap pile in my sewing room and realized I had made a half square triangle quilt block intended for a quilted pillow. I made this in 2020 and I'm positive I didn't trim the HSTs before sewing them together. I also made this quilt block in red and white fabric. Now, nothing against red and white quilts, they are gorgeous. But, they just aren't my style. My style involves prints and vibrant solids and a "more is more" kind of vibe. I decided to chop up the quilt block into two rectangles and turn this old fabric into a four pretty fun HRTs! (shown below in my Spinwheel Quilt pattern quilt block)

If you are interested in trying this out, too, I'd recommend starting with a scrap block you've already made or just one you feel comfortable with. An easy idea could be a checkerboard design.

I used some Kona Acid Lime Fabric and Kona Bone to make 2.5" x WOF strips for strip piecing before making my checkerboard design. You could also use random 2.5" squares for a super scrappy checkerboard! :)

From there, go ahead and trim down your newly made checkerboard fabric into the size needed for an HRT.

Last, use this as if it was a normal piece of rectangle fabric! It will instantly elevate your HRTs - or any block you decide to use this idea for! :)

And voila! A super fun quilt block! If you are looking for some beginner quilt patterns featuring Half Rectangle Triangles, check out my quilt patterns here. :)


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