Hi! I'm Jamie and I'm the gal behind the sewing machine.  I live in the pumpkin capital of the world, Morton, Illinois, where my husband and I are raising our two active sons. I am a middle school math teacher which is probably why quilting became such a passion of mine. I love designing quilt patterns by drawing symmetrical designs on graph paper and I truly enjoy figuring out all the math involved. 🙃 This Getz Made journey started out as bow scrunchies and teethers but soon evolved into headband story sales and ten completed quilts in a year. I have now made over 43 quilts, written five quilt patterns, and sold more headbands than I ever imagined. To say I am grateful for all of your support is an understatement. 💗


Some of my favorite things outside of sewing are staying up late reading 'one more chapter' with my kids, challenging my husband to ridiculous competitions, wearing Birkenstocks year round, and drinking a latte from Eli's.


What can you expect from GETZ MADE? A quality product made with love and with fabric purchased from small businesses.


Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.
115 N Main St
Morton, IL 61550